The Rig

In winter 2012/2013 I started work on a new percussion project, called The Rig, with the fabulous percussionist Amy Kelly. I’ve been fortunate to work with Amy many times over the years, since we met at music college 13 years ago, and it’s been SO much fun working on this new music project together!


A bit of blurb about it:

“The Rig is a structural interactive installation that combines percussion, creativity, musical exploration, visual stimulation, learning and adventure.

It combines vintage instruments made from every day items recycled, altered and adjusted to form crazy inventions with unusual sounds. The Rig explores the physics behind sound with examples such as coloured water to show vibrations from a water gong, a tin bath amplifier and string earphones that resonate around your whole body.”

A link to The Rig is here:

The Rig is primarily for children to explore sounds, but in our experience adults have also been drawn in and fascinated by it! We’ve found it works very well at festivals and children’s events as a free style improvising installation, and in schools with more of a workshop approach.